IT infrastructure for computing and hosting your scientific data


BiRD provides the community with a high-performance, equipped and secure IT infrastructure for computing and hosting your scientific data.

Actually BiRD has dedicated IT resources which include:

  • 992 threads
  • 3.8 TB RAM
  • 1 PB of storage

The platform is equipped with:

  • a computing cluster open to the scientific community : 14 nodes for a total of 832 threads and 3.8 TB RAM an associated 400TB scratch storage and 600TB of securized storage
  • a CLOUD platform under OpenStack : 160 threads 50 TB of storage

All of this equipment is located in the datacenter of Nantes University.

Ask for an account

A portal holds the essential details for accessing the cluster and gaining insights into the available tools and resources.

For questions, and technical discussions, please visit the forum :


In just a few months, BiRD will pool its resources with the GLiCID regional mesocenter.

The mission of this new structure is to provide all these staff with advanced, shared computing resources for supercomputing and the exploitation of computationally-related research data.

Biosphere Project

BiRD participates to the IFB’s Biosphere project, which aims to propose a federation of CLOUDs on a national scale. This infrastructure offers a catalog of virtual machines , developed according to the expertise of the IFB platforms, accessible through a single portal with federated authentication (EduGAIN, Nuvla).

Applications Hosting

  • Shiny Apps :
    • Mibiomics : An interactive web application for multi-omics data exploration and integration.
    • FADA : FaDA is volontarly a simple tool to allow a first glance of your data, highlighting significative differences, significant associations/correlations or identifiying potential outliers. Different type of data can be used such as gene expression or cytometry measures.
    • CytoFlower
    • Genie : Gene ExpressioN Exploration
  • HLA : EasyMatch-R is a tool designed to find unrelated donors in silico.


The equipement of BiRD and GLiCID are funded by the PDL Region, the French government and Europe.

TRANSLAT (CPER 2014-2020)

GLiCID (CPER 2021-2027)