BiRD - Bioinformatics Hub.

The BiRD bioinformatics hub is located in Nantes. It involves research labs in Biology, Health, and Digital sciences. BiRD supports life scientists in managing, integrating, analyzing and modeling experimental data by providing a large scale storage and computing infrastructure as well as computational tools, workflows, and training.



30 May 2024, Antonio Scialdone Seminar - SysMics is inviting Antonio Scialdone to give a seminar on Thursday 30 May at 2.00 pm in the Denis Escande...

23 May 2024, Bioinfos Nantais KickOff - The aim of the BN network is to encourage the sharing of knowledge and promote collaboration between the different profiles...

10 April 2024, Training - The next training “Environments and best practices for using the cluster” will take place on April 10. You are all...

02 April 2024, BiRD hub - BiRD Hub has been launched the 02th of April 2024. This event brought together the engineers and researchers belonging to...

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Partnership in research projects logo

Partnership in research projects

RNAseq, whole genomes, data integration, open and reproducible sciences
Software development in Bioinformatics logo

Software development in Bioinformatics

SnakeMake and Nextflow workflows, Shiny data apps, FAIRification, etc.
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Training in Bioinformatics

Distributed computing, workflows, RNAseq
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Storage and computing infrastructure

900+CPU shared cores, 1.PB of shared storage, cloud-based VMs